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Amplifier 擴大機
PREference 前級, 唱頭擴大機
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Product Info

PREfrerence, the second-generation preamplifier from KingRex, is a logical extension of the success story of the award-wining Preamp. Centered around high-quality op-amp and the diamond buffer highly praised for its musicality, a current booster has been added to the final output of the amplifier stage to enhance drivability. DC servo circuit has also been implemented to avoid unwanted audio signal loss due to coupling capacitors. Volume control is ALPS. Gain is user selectable with a choice of 6, 12 or 18dB. The result is accurate and perfect signal amplification, free from coloration and yet highly adaptable, the idea for outputting to power amplifiers.

A separate high-performance power supply unit further guarantees an interface-free working condition. Panasonic FM electrolytic capacitors stand on guard along critical paths with their dedication to extremely low ESR. Both the preamp and the PSU are housed in all-aluminum chassis. A special feature is the sliding door on top of the preamp opening up to phonostage settings: MC/MM with high/low gain and 6 pre-set resistive loads.

Boasting impressive full frequency range with THD as low as 0.0004% and dynamic range better than 108dB, the PREference will be the chosen one for discerning audiophiles.


Inputs: RCA x 4 (selectable)
Outputs: RCA x 1
Gain: 6 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB selectable
Frequency Response Range: 20hz-20k Hz (+0~-0.01 dB), 5hz-80k Hz (+0~-0.3 dB)
Maxium Input Level: 9 Vrms @ 0 dB
Maxium Output Level: 9 Vrms
Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than 126 dB
THD+Noise ratio: < 0.0004% @ 1k Hz
Channel Seperation: -110 db (at 1KHz) -91 db (at 10 kHz)
IMD: Less than 0.0011%
Input Sensitivity: 1.1 V for 2.5 V out @ 7 dB gain
510 mV for 2.5V out @ 14 dB gain
250 mV for 2.5V out @ 20 dB gain
Power Consumption: < 10 W
Power transformer: 16 VA (separate power supply chassis)
Power capacitors: 26000 uF
Phonostage Yes (MM/MC)