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Product Info

It is widely accepted that power is the key to any audio system. Pure power is the ultimate goal of each and every music enthusiast. KingRex has undertaken to provide pure power since its establishment. From PSU MKII to SLAP to the latest UPower, Kingrex continues to provide low-voltage DC power supplies for almost all audio peripherals and is highly appreciated by consumers.

Product Info

U Power differs from most USB power supplies on the market with its clean DC current provided exclusively by battery cells.

The 7.5V input connector directly connects to the two 3.75V Sanyo quality Lithium-ion cells in series.

The 5V output is generated by dropping a 7.5V current through a linear regulator without the use of any switching power circuit. Combo Suggestion

Your device provides the so-called “audio grade” pure DC current.


I. Two output :
A. 2.5mm DC jacket: 7.5V DC output
B. USB A :5V DC output(through linear regulator)
II. Major component: High quality Sanyo Li-ion battery.
III. Power volume: 2600mA/hr. Included special design for isolated protect circuitry for two Li-ion batteries.
IV. Using fully high quality aluminum for styling & cooling.
V. Low battery indicator design for charging reminding.
VI. CHG/DC out switch. Fully isolated the charging and discharging. It will free the AC noise from the charger.
VII. Parallel charging- each cell could charge to its maximum by the design.