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Amplifier 擴大機
PreAmp 前級擴大機
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Product Info

The Pre-Amp is KingRex’s fulfillment to the long forsaken compact active preamp market. A hybrid design that improves on conventional voltage amplifiers with discrete components and high-performance op amps, mated to a smart auto-select line input facility.

Key components include three pairs of Burr-Brown IC: OPA627 for pre-amplification op amp recognised for its low noise and high speed.), BUF634 for increasing and sustaining higher output current, and OPA177 for DC servo, ensuring the op amp output is free of DC power, avoiding any chances of harming the power amp and the loudspeakers. It also has another advantage: it negates the need for extra output coupling capacitors.

It also integrates power transformer and line filter into the main board so that the interference from these two devices will be reduced. And regarding to the sound, it made the audio signal for frequency extension, tonal accuracy, holographic imaging and warm, tube-like atmosphere.

Just like the 6moons reviewer David Kan to ask: “Who needs tube amps? Not if you heard the kind of rhythmic pulse and forefront transients….that all added up to the heart-throbbing reality I just witnessed.”


Frequency Response: 20Hz-20khz((+/-0.1db)
Gain: 11db
Dynamic Range: 120db(A)
S/N Ratio: 120db(A)
Total Harmonic Distrotion(20Hz-20Khz): Less than 0.0015%
Crosstalk: 105db@1khz
Line Inputs: 2 Channels(RCA)(Auto Select)
Line Output: 1 Channel(RCA
Input impedance: 100Kohm@1khz
Output impedance: 100ohm@1khz
Power Requirements: AC 100V-120V(50/60Hz) OR AC200-240V(50/60Hz)(switchable)
Power Consumption: Less than 5 Watt
Dimensions: 185*138*45m/m
Weight: 1.6kgs