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Power Supply 電源供應器
SLAP 電池電源供應器
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To satisfy the highest level of audiophile expectation for low noise and distortion, we have developed a pure power source – the SLAP (Sealed Lead-Acid battery power supply unit)

The SLAP has an integrated auto charging/discharging power management system. It auto-detects the battery voltage and auto adjust the charging current which protect the battery from over-charging or over-heating.

For discharging protection, KingRex designed a low voltage detection circuit that automatically shuts down when the voltage drops below 10.5V protecting the amplifier from low voltage situations.

Operation of the SLAP is very user friendly. Users only need to press one button for automatic operation of all functions. Charging and discharging status are shown by one dual color LED light.

Combo Suggestion
1. T20/T20U


Rated input voltage AC 90~260V, 47~67Hz
Battery type 12 volt nominal SLA
Battery size 12V/7Ah
Charging current 80mA~ 750mA
Charging type Lead Acid Chemistry
Charging current Constant current/ constant voltage/float
Stage 1: current 750mA
Stage 2: current 400mA
Stage 3: float charge current 200~400mA
“Charged” light turns on and float charge starts when the charge current is approx 80mA when the battery charge voltage is above 14 volts.
Size 185 X 146 X 156mm with 6mm thick aluminum face plate
Weight 7 KG after package  
Cooling Natural convection, no fan
Protections AC input fuse, DC output fuse
MTBF 30,000 hours by MIL-STD calculation
LED Indications
Charging Red
Charged Green
In use Green
Battery low Red & green blinking