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  Power Supply 電源供應器
Power Supply 電源供應器
PSU MKII 線性電源供應器
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Product Info

Inherit the concept of PSU, PSU MKII is a upgraded linear power supply. Pure linear power supply not only reduces the distortion from power adapter, but provides abundant power for machine(DAC, headphone, Integrated Amplifier…etc.). It advances the dynamic, low frequencies and thickness of mid frequencies hugely.


Transformer:48VA totoidal type
Voltage regulatory circuit:5x2200uF at AC input stage
3x4700uF atDC output stage
Input rating:Factory set toAC 50/60Hz 100-120V or 200-240V
Output rating:5V /7.5V / 9V / 13V 3A
15V/18V 2.5A
Measurement: 185x138x45mm
The Sound
To quote 6moons again: “When the PSUs were added to the pot, musicality thickened. There was more warm air filling up a more expansive soundstage. Bass got deeper, the midrange turned proportionally more pronounced to make the overall harmonics even richer.”