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Planus III
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Planus III Speaker Cable

Planus III, is our critically acclaimed, award winning speaker wire and has been mentioned by many as one of the best (if not the best) reference speaker wires on the market today, regardless of price.

As with all of our wires, Planus III was not designed with a house sound in mind. Rather, our design objective is to have the wire do as little as possible to alter the signal. Planus III is extremely extended on both end while still being well balanced across all frequencies in the music spectrum. This speaker wire is highly detailed while not being etched in any way. It has a slight warmth in the upper bass/lower midrange that allows one to hear not only string of a violin or guitar, but also the body of these instruments. Planus III is not warm and polite nor is it overly etched or artificially hyped. It sounds very natural

It casts a wide, deep soundstage with instruments and voices being in a three-dimensional space. Massed strings are not presented as a blob of sound, but rather as a string section of an orchestra. This speaker cable allows the listener to better hear the musicianship of the performers in the recording.

Planus III would have remained one of the best reference speaker wires on the market (if not the best) if we had been content to rest on our laurels. However, we were not and have developed several other speaker wires that outperform Planus III in a number of critical areas. Please read about the rest of our wires for further information.

Planus III still remains the best value in our line on a price to performance ratio. It represents one of the best, if not the best, values in reference quality speaker wires on the market. Our other speaker wires offer higher performance in a number of areas, but are more expensive. Planus III is our clear value champion in the reference quality cable category.


MG Audio Design has been working on various cable designs for over 25 years. Why? Because, through our work on speaker designs, we have found that cables can make a profound affect system performance. Cables need to be thought of as a system component because they have the potential to alter the original signal significantly. Whether it is connecting a DAC to a pre-amp, a pre-amp to a power amp, or a power amp to a speaker, wires do alter the signal and not for the better. Wires can color the sound and some designs offer a very pleasant sound; not accurate, but pleasant.

MG Audio has developed what we believe to be the most neutral, transparent, detailed, and musical cables on the market today - the Planus series of speaker wires. Planus III and Planus IV/IVAG are our current offerings and represent our latest discoveries regarding cable geometry. We believe these cables alter the signal less than any other cable on the market.

Unlike other cables in the industry, we did not develop Planus speaker wires to have a 'house sound.” Rather, we focused on minimizing capacitive, inductive and skin effects that inevitably color the sound of all wires. The design is based on physics and good engineering practice, not voodoo. The geometry of all of our cables is based roughly on micro line technology developed in the 1950’s to support microwave transmission. The result of our design is that you can hear more clearly into the musical performance, catch details you have never heard before, and better capture the emotional expression of the artist(s).

The Planus series of speaker wires use a foil (copper or silver) as the conductor and PTFE (Teflon) as the dielectric. The spade ends on the speaker cables have been specifically selected for their sonic characteristics - one end is silver and the other is rhodium. After years of listening, we have found this combination to offer the greatest sonic benefits to the most systems. To the best of our knowledge, no other wire manufacturer has mixed its ends to allow the user the flexibility to fine-tune their system.

No one wire can be the “best” wire for all systems and ours is no exception. While these have been used on ribbons, stats, and dynamic speakers with great success, they may not work well with all systems. They are very revealing, not boring or polite. Because they may not work well in a particular system, we offer a 30-day money back return for standard length wires sent back in saleable condition.

Planus III is our least expensive speaker wire. Planus III has been reviewed by a number of magazines and is considered reference level in all ways. The reviews for the most part have been raves at its ability to draw the listener closer to the musical performance. In listening panel tests, Planus III's performance exceeded the best of the offerings from many well-recognized high-end manufacturers. Planus IV AG is our state-of-the-art speaker cable and bests the rest of our speaker wires in the areas of detail and palpability of instruments in the soundstage. The speed, detail, transparency, and musicality of Planus IV AG redefines state-of-the-art.

Most importantly, all of our wires allow one to hear the musical performance and musicianship in a way most people have never experienced from their systems. The difference between the wires is the level of refinement that each presents.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Also, your best results will be achieved by using Planus speaker cable with Planus interconnect. These interconnects are based on a similar geometry to the speaker wire and have similar sonic virtues. Together, these can transform a system.